Mectronics s.r.l.
Via Industriale, 21
25060 Polaveno (Bs)
P.IVA 02386940981
Tel. +39 030 84809
Fax +39 030 8949656
MECTRONICS SRL was established as a company specialised in Mechanical Appliances for Electronics. A twenty-year experience of its skilled workers, use of ordinary and CNC Machines along with the highest technical-operational precision, has enabled us to get to optimum service solutions as for mechanical, electronics sectors and in the field of industrial telephone and instrumentation appliances.

Within a more and more competitive reality, Mectronics offers a wide range of standard, personalised and semipersonalised products granting excellent quality at a suitable price. This as been achieved through more and more flexible, targeted production processes.

Also, you will be supported by skilled staff and a technical department able to provide the most suitable responses and readiness to help and meet every technical or supply requirement.